Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Everyday Hair | Messy Curls

Primark Backcombing brush (Similar here)

When it comes to hair, mine enjoys doing everything in its will to be anything but nice. Me and my barnet just dont get along, so i've had to work around it in order for it to look nice. For the last 6 or 7 months, I havent touched my hair. I left it to do it's own thing, which actually paid off as my hair grew around 3-4 inches! Now it's longer I feel i've earned using heat on my hair again. My favourite tool is my conical curling wand I bought around 2 years ago. I love the curls it creates more so than with my straighteners. My method is so simple, I curl my whole head (away from my face) and leave it. I either sleep in my freshly curled head, tie it up or brush them out. Honestly, the more I dont try, the better my hair turns out. I usually, always, do this before I go to bed as I always prefer it in the morning. I use simple products, they aren't a necessity however they do help if you've stubborm hair like mine! 
To see a tutorial of sorts, view my video below.


  1. I love messy curls :) very jealous of all the volume and 'bounce' in your hair!

  2. You are super pretty! I always wish I could do these curls! :D
    Followed you on Bloglovin! :D
    Feel free to follow me back!

    Love, x

  3. You've gorgeous hair! Just discovered your blog:)